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error :Cannot invoke an expression whose type lacks a call signature. Type 'has no compatible c ll signatures

I am trying to use in my angular project and when I try to run ng server,the build fails with following error

error TS2349: Cannot invoke an expres ion whose type lacks a call signature. Type node_modules/@types/polylabel/index"'has no compatible c ll signatures.

Following is the code for index.ts

    // Type definitions for polylabel 1.0
   // Project:

    // Definitions by: Denis Carriere <>
    // Definitions:

     * Polylabel returns the pole of inaccessibility coordinate in [x, y] format.
     * @param polygon - Given polygon coordinates in GeoJSON-like format
     * @param precision - Precision (1.0 by default)
     * @param debug - Debugging for Console
     * @example
     * var p = polylabel(polygon, 1.0);
    declare function polylabel(polygon: number[][][], precision?: number, debug?: boolean): number[];
    declare namespace polylabel {}
    export default polylabel;


  1. Apparently I didn't have polylabel installed globally. Doing npm install polylabel fixed the issue.