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  1. Few suggestions

    1. Check if the hostnames in hdfs-site.xml is set correctly. If you are running with single host setup, and you set namenode host as localhost, you need to make sure localhost mapped to in your /etc/hosts. If you are setting multiple nodes, make sure you use FQDN of each host in your configuration, and make sure each FQDN mapped to the correct IP address in /etc/hosts.
    2. Setup passwordless SSH. Note requires that you have passwordless SSH setup from the host where you run this command to rest of cluster nodes. Verify this by ssh hostx date and it doesn't ask for a password.
    3. Check the hostname in the error message (maybe you did not paste the complete log), for the problematic hostname, run SSH command manually to make sure it can be resolved. If not, check /etc/hosts. A common /etc/hosts setup looks like localhost localhost.localdomain

    ::1 localhost localhost.localdomain host1 host2 host3