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  1. Follow these steps:

    1. Update Xamarin.Forms from Nuget Package Manager
    2. Close Solution And Open In Run As Administrator mode
    3. Clean And Rebuild Solution.Now Try To Deploy Project
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  3. Right click on your project (which is cross-platform probably), from the Project menu, do UNLOAD PROJECT and then RELOAD PROJECT, and rebuild, the errors will all be gone.

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    1. Clean the solution
    2. Update the Xamarin.forms nuget package
    3. Restart VS
    4. Re-build the project
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  6. Go to the android project-> click right >properties> select Application-> select compile using Android version (6/5/4...etc) -> then save and rebuilt and run.

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  9. I recently faced the same error in the following situation (Xamarin.Android + .NET Standard Library (converted from a PCL)):

    I had some classes in a .NET Standard project that had Data Annotations for public types. I installed the nuget package that contained the Data Annotations in my .NET Standard Library. Installing it into my Android Project, too, fixed the issue that you described.

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  11. For Android, make sure your Target device use the same Plataform set on 'Target Framework' on Application Settings.

    [Targer for the Application[1]

    You can add new plataforms in the SDK Manager.

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  13. open solution on VS with administrator mode and rebuild each one by one.

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  15. Also was receiving this when the Windows path was over 260 characters with fully qualified file name. Look in the output of the build and if you see a message about file length over 260, move your project to shorter directory path.

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  17. In VS 2015 Professional:

    1. right click on the image under your project
    2. select properties
    3. choose Embedded Resource for Build Action
    4. in your code behind file type under InitializeComponent() method the following code image.Source = ImageSource.FromResource("YourProjectName.YourFolderName.YourImage");
    5. save everything
    6. Build solution
    7. close VS
    8. open project and run again