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Failed to find or create execution context for description

I'm working on a project for iOS and I'm doing the programming with Visual Studios and it connects to a mac server using Xamarin. I recently tried to add more views to the storyboard and an additional class. When I tried to build the code, I received this error. This is what the output from the console.

I don't know what this error means and when I tried to look up any part of the error, nothing helped. I cleaned my builded and tried to rebuild, and I also closed Visual Studios and reopen it to see if that help, but it didn't. Has anyone else had this problem before?


  1. After having a google I found a similar question here and here, summary of the some of the answers in that question:

    • Make sure you are running the latest version of Xcode and you dont have a beta installed.
    • Close Xcode and then opened up Activity Monitor. Terminate any Ibtool processes running and restart Xcode.
    • Delete any custom color pickers you have installed in for Xcode, close the Xcode and relaunch
    • Try recreating any nibs you may have changed.

    summary from the Xamarin Forums link:

    Uninstall Xamarin studio, Xcode
    Delete /Libraries/Developer and ~/Libraries/Developer folders
    Reinstall Xcode, Xamarin studio

    If none of these work could you check in the for any errors when building.

    Hope this helps.