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flot jquery y axis option is not working

This is my yasix option

yaxes: {
                   min: 0,
                   max: 100,
                   tickFormatter: function (val, axis) {
                       return val + '%';

but when I run the chart, the max is not 100, plus there is no % sign.

what wrong did i do pleaes?

I didn't post other code becuase I think the problem from the code above, if you see that my code is correct and you need more code kindly tell me please


  1. If you only have a single value, the option is yaxis instead of yaxes. If you have multiple values, you should provide an array.

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  3. From the code you provided, see yaxes instead of yaxis . And check if val is in Number or String.. print and see if it is showing as object