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Fresh Vim install, Vim permission errors, Vundle not functional

I have the following vim packages installed on Linux Mint Debian Edition:


I had the above packages installed before, and after installing Vundle (it was functional via instructions on decided, to avoid plugin conflicts, to completely remove and reinstall all of the above vim packages/.vim folder, in order to fully utilize Vundle as a means to manage my plugins. In my file explorer, I can see that the folder created from git cloning ~/.vim and all inherited folders/files belong to root. This causes the following problems with Vundle:

First of all when I executed :BundleSearch query:

To further diagnose my problem, I tried adding a bundle manually into my vimrc:

Bundle 'scrooloose/nerdtree'

Using the exact same vimrc setup in the Vundle GitHub, it worked on the previous installation. Now when I attempt to :BundleInstall I get the following permission-based errors:

[140112 13:48:10] 

[140112 13:48:10] Bundle scrooloose/nerdtree

[140112 13:48:10] $ git clone --recursive '' '/home/ahqiao/.vim/bundle/nerdtree'

[140112 13:48:10] > fatal: could not create work tree dir '/home/ahqiao/.vim/bundle/nerdtree'.: Permission denied\00

[140112 13:48:11] 

[140112 13:48:11] Helptags:

[140112 13:48:11] :helptags /home/ahqiao/.vim/bundle/vundle/doc/

[140112 13:48:11] > Error running :helptags /home/ahqiao/.vim/bundle/vundle/doc/

[140112 13:48:11] Helptags: 1 bundles processed

Furthermore, my vimrc also contains the standard two lines for plugins:

filetype plugin on

set nocp

In the past, I have also had problems with :helptags not being able to access ~/.vim/doc because of permission so I have had to manually copy the help files into a non-root folder and point to that with :helptags.

How can I overcome these root problems? Vundle is really essential for me to manage the amount of plugins I require to code and keep track of.


  1. It's unclear to me how the owner of ~/.vim got set to root but Vundle will definitely have trouble updating packages if that is the case.

    If I understand correctly, in that you now have Vim installed how you want it, I suggest redoing the customization process.

    Move ~/.vim (for reference) and create the bundle directory where Vundle will be installed:

    $ sudo mv ~/.vim ~/OLDvim
    $ mkdir -p ~/.vim/bundle

    This should now be an empty dir owned by your user.

    Reinstall Vundle

    $ git clone ~/.vim/bundle/Vundle.vim

    Make sure you have the required lines in your ~/.vimrc,

    • open vim and
    • run :BundleInstall

    Once you got it working and you're happy with everything, you can rm -rf ~/OLDvim.