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How to keep IIS Express running after finished debugging?

I'm using IIS 7 express to test a ASP.Net MVC 3 project on my development machine and normally it keeps running after I finished debugging, which is a good thing so that I can perform small tests directly in the browser without needing to run the project again. But if I choose the opti . . .阅读更多


Hi i have a problem with my code that i get a error in a loop that works for a few times but then throws me a typeerro: string indices must be integers. I want to call an api to get a json back and get some parts of the json response. heres the code: class API(object): def __init_ . . .阅读更多

Remove empty Objects from Array

I have a JavaScript-array with objects filled in and want to remove every object with no data. It might look like this: var myArray = [ {id: "28b", text:"Phill"}, {id: "12c", text:"Peter"}, {id: "43f", text:"Ashley"}, {id: "43f", text:"As . . .阅读更多

How to modify Chrome ExtensionInstallWhitelist?

I am trying to install extensions on Chrome but it seems to "decide" for me what I should and should not install, which is very frustrating. I have navigated to the "chrome://policy/" and the ExtensionInstallBlacklist is set to "*", how can I change this or add my extensions ID's to th . . .阅读更多


I got this function in a bash script: function start_vpn() { sudo ip netns exec frootvpn openvpn --config /etc/openvpn/frootvpn.conf & while ! sudo ip netns exec frootvpn ip a show dev tun0 up; do sleep .5 done } It fails because it doesn't stop to let me enter the private key pa . . .阅读更多

Excel VBA Macro Compile error: Expected End Sub

Trying to assign my code to a button which works stand-alone in VBA however but I'm receiving the following error when adding it to a button; Compile error: Expected End Sub My code is as follows; Sub Button1_Click() Private Sub filename_cellvalue() Dim Path As String Dim file . . .阅读更多