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TypeError: cannot convert the series to

I have a dataframe (df) that looks like: date A 2001-01-02 1.0022 2001-01-03 1.1033 2001-01-04 1.1496 2001-01-05 1.1033 2015-03-30 126.3700 2015-03-31 124.4300 2015-04-01 124.2500 2015-04-02 124.8900 For the entire time-series I'm tryin . . .阅读更多

Python 3:NameError:未定义名称'sklearn'

I am trying to run an Elastic Net regression but get the following error: NameError: name 'sklearn' is not defined... any help is greatly appreciated! # ElasticNet Regression from sklearn import linear_model import statsmodels.api as sm ElasticNet = sklearn.linear_mo . . .阅读更多

How to display List> in HTML 5 using thymeleaf

My application is using HTML5+Thymeleaf I am getting few rows fetched from DB to display as search results. String sql = "SELECT P.PERSON_ID, P.PERSON_NAME, C.COMPANY_ID FROM PERSON P LEFT JOIN COMPANY C ON P.PERSON_ID = C.PERSON_ID WHERE P.PERSON_ID='1001'"; List<Map<St . . .阅读更多

import java ImportError: No module named java

I seemed to have hit a roadblock and can't figure this out at all, can anyone help me figure out why I am unable to import the java module? Error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "./", line 3, in ? import java ImportError: No module named java java: 1 . . .阅读更多

jodd http client How to set up Ignore certificates

The site i am using is that of a https protocol,so i want to use Ignore certificates.But I am unable to set the ignore certificate. public class JoddHttpClientDemoApplication { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { . . .阅读更多