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Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0) python

I'm newbie in python and trying to parse data in my application using these lines of codes json_str = request.body.decode('utf-8') py_str = json.loads(json_str) But I'm getting this error on json.loads Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0) this is json formatted data that I send . . .阅读更多

Create array of negative numbers in Objective C

I have created an array of positive, negative and zero numbers but it treats all the elements in the array as positive numbers. Here in code, the positiveCount is 6. How to put negative numbers in an array in Objective-C? NSInteger positiveCount = 0; NSInteger zeroCount = 0; NSInteger . . .阅读更多

pl/sql remove element from array

I need to remove element from array. I have tried to use array.delete(n) function, but it deletes all elements from identifier n. How to just delete exact element n ? For example if array is 1 2 3 4 5, and n = 3, after delete it should look like following 1 2 4 5. My code so far : DECL . . .阅读更多

ImportError: No module named 'pandas'

I am trying to learn pandas and I haven't been able to import it into my code. I have looked at other answers on this site and none of them have worked. I just installed anaconda and installed everything through conda. Here is a sample script that I am trying to run. import pandas as p . . .阅读更多


Has anyone tried to get Underscore JS or lodash (or any ES5 standard functions for that matter) working with generators? If we have an array var myArray = [1,2,3,4,6]; We want to forEach over it. In a non generator case you would simply myArray.forEach(function(k) { console.log(k); } . . .阅读更多

Android - Get the original file name for an async download

I would like to retrieve the original file name from a website while downloading a PDF file, not rename it but save it as the same name under the directory SD/Android/Data/(MyAPP)/Files. As of now I have to tell android what the file name should be when looking for it and what to save . . .阅读更多

swf file size issue in internet explorer

I have swf file, the firefox and chrome displays the swf files as per the mentioned width and height. But in Internet explorer, the swf file is too small than the other browsers. Any idea to fix? Thanks in advance. . . .阅读更多

'qnetworkreply' has not been declared

This is my code but it is giving me error "'qnetworkreply' has not been declared" .Can any one tell why it is so #ifndef ApplicationUI_HPP_ #define ApplicationUI_HPP_ #include <QObject> namespace bb { namespace cascades { class Application; }} class ApplicationUI : public QObject { . . .阅读更多

Responsive table height Bootstrap

How can I make table height to be responsive when displayed inside row element? In this row element there are two tables and an image, so that row height is set to fit this image. Or maybe there is another way to make labels for image with fixed size? I just found the way to set table . . .阅读更多

Freetype not compiling on windows with MinGW

I open cygwin and navigate to the freetype-2.5.3 folder I got from the website: Once I'm there, I run ./configure and it has done 1 of 3 three things so far, seemly at complete random. At first it was saying: builds/PaxHeaders.3009/ ** . . .阅读更多