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Mapbox GL JS: Style is not done loading

I have a map wher we can classically switch from one style to another, streets to satellite for example. I want to be informed that the style is loaded to then add a layer. According to the doc, I tried to wait that the style being loaded to add a layer based on a GEOJson dataset. That . . .阅读更多

intellij thymeleaf Namespace th is not bound

I am using IntelliJ IDEA and I have with thymeleaf namespaces. I have created employee form which I am including into others templates so I did not specified namespaces but its works fine when I run my application. Is there any way to change this behaviour. I like auto-complete functio . . .阅读更多

MVVM LiveData and DataBinding

I'm working on architecture components and now i'm learning LiveData and data binding. I'm able to bind LiveData with layout for Integer values but i'm not able to find for List of Users. This one is a working example for LiveData with data binding <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"? . . .阅读更多

parameter is not of type 'Blob'

I have written the code below to display the text from a local file using the file API but when I click the button, nothing happens and I get the following error when I inspect the element in the browser, what am I dong wrong? Uncaught TypeError: Failed to execute 'readAsText' on 'File . . .阅读更多

MOV to Mp4 video conversion iPhone Programmatically

I am developing media server for Play station 3 in iPhone. I came to know that PS3 doesn't support .MOV file so I have to convert it into Mp4 or something other transcode which PS3 support. This is what I have done but it crashes if I set different file type than its source files. . . .阅读更多

Converting and printing the module names of a process

I am trying to print and save the module names of a process. But when printing the char array I get something that looks like an address. #include <windows.h> #include <TlHelp32.h> #include <iostream> int main() { MODULEENTRY32 me32; HWND hwnd = FindWindow(0, L"Window Name"); . . .阅读更多