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Receiving real/user/system times within main logic of C++

For downvoters, please comment the reason for the same Is there a UNIX time equivalent in C++, which gives real, user and system time of execution preferably within main? Or are there non-trivial ways to use chrono, etc to achieve the same functionality? Could not find chrono usage to . . .阅读更多

How to detect if a string contains PHP code? PHP

I am keeping record of every request made to my website. I am very aware of the security measurements that need to be taken before executing any MySQL query that contains data coming from query strings. I clean it as much as possible from injections and so far all tests have been succe . . .阅读更多

Print a colored string

I am trying to print a colored string in assembly, but it doesn't work. DATA: MSG db 'hey$' PROC PrintScore push bp mov bp,sp push ax push bx push cx push dx ; set cursor location to (dl,dh) MOV AH,09H MOV BH, 0 MOV BL,4 ;4=RED mov cx, 10 int 10h mov bh, 0 mov ah, 2h mov dh, 0 mov dl, . . .阅读更多

Python Auto-Formatting Adds Extra Spaces

The problem I have been facing related to auto formatting in Visual Studio Code for my Python Files. I like using tabs in Python, since it makes it easier to be consistent and type code quicker; however, when I save on Visual Studio Code the auto-format on save adds an extra space to e . . .阅读更多

H2 database org.h2.Driver ClassNotFoundException

I try to run JUNIT test with eclipse and ANT they both are complainen that org.h2.Driver class is not found. I have h2-1.3.164.jar in my classpath and for proof about it here is classpath from system property java.class.path c:\trasferer\build; C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\IMShared\plugi . . .阅读更多

AVCaptureMovieFileOutput - no active/enabled connections

In RubyMotion, I'm using AVFoundation for screencapture in an attempt to implement this gist from the Mac Developer Library. The program should capture video from the screen and write to a .mov file. I don't quite understand why I'm getting this error: * -[AVCaptureMovieFileOutput star . . .阅读更多

System.ArgumentException: Xamarin.Forms

I am new to this awesome platform, I made very simple example it contains only one xaml page yesterday it worked flawlesly , but when ran it today , it threw this exception out of nowhere this the exception am getting : HelloPage.xaml : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <ContentP . . .阅读更多

How to view form from source code in IntelliJ IDEA

I have just started working on Java Swing project. As an IDE I am using IntelliJ IDEA from JetBrains. In the project I can see the .java files related to GUI. Do you know how I can view these files in GUI Designer? Or Generate output of these files in GUI Designer in IntelliJ IDEA or a . . .阅读更多

How to attach images to a vsix file?

I'm trying to customize the startpage for the Visual Studio 2010. I have download the Custom Start Page Project Template from Microsoft to do it. Now on the my customized start page project, there are a . . .阅读更多

Android: Cannot resolve symbol "setLayoutManager"

trying use racycler view, but cannot set layout manager RecyclerView rv = (RecyclerView)findViewById(; LinearLayoutManager llm = new LinearLayoutManager(this); rv.setLayoutManager(llm); writes Cannot resolve symbol "setLayoutManager" and Unknown Class on llm import android.sup . . .阅读更多

ObservableCollection(Of T) vs BindingList(Of T)?

I've developped some data based Winforms Application this last two years and all works fine. This application are built on layers (DataAccess, Business Logic and UI). For the Businness Logic, all my objects inherit from a base class called BaseEntity with the following definition (ther . . .阅读更多