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  1. You should create Virtual Device in AVD manager without GPS sensor.

    new device

    and uncheck GPS

    uncheck GPS

    Errors will gone.

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  3. Not likely anything wrong with your app. The problem is probably the settings in the "Filter Configuration" in Logcat. It kinda hides as a setting, and has a habit of automatically switching to the "No Filters" selection. If you find out why, let me know.

    To ignore the debug error in your question: in the Logcat panel choose a configure filter option in the drop-down after the filter input and Regex option checkbox.

    Probably best option is "Show only selected application".

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  5. Exiting and removing the app from multitask in the emulator and re-running from android studio fixed it for me. I'm assuming its an Android studio bug.

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  7. It really solved the problem when you turn off your location services. It happens when I try to fetch data from web API, now I resolve by turning off location.