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XCBUtil.PropertyListConversionError in Xcode

When I try to run my project, I get this error, pointing to my localized .strings file:

Screenshot of the error.

read failed: The operation couldn’t be completed. (XCBUtil.PropertyListConversionError error 1.)

What can I do to fix this issue?


  1. There is a formatting error inside the .string file that the error is pointing at. Localizable .strings files should contain strings in quotes (if they contain more than one word and no special characters) and semicolons in the end of lines, like such:

    string = translation;
    "another string" = "another translation";

    Please refer to this solution to find the error.

    You should execute

    /usr/bin/plutil -lint <path to .strings file>

    in Terminal to find the exact issue.