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brew link php71: Could not symlink sbin/php-fpm

I'm trying to install Laravel Valet, which requires php 7.1, but when i run brew install php71, I get the following error:

==> Pouring php71-7.1.10_21.high_sierra.bottle.tar.gz
Error: The `brew link` step did not complete successfully
The formula built, but is not symlinked into /usr/local
Could not symlink sbin/php-fpm
/usr/local/sbin is not writable.

I get the same error when i run brew link php71. If i run php -v, I actually see that I'm currently running PHP 7.1.7.

But when I run valet install, I get:

  Unable to determine linked PHP.

I don't even have an sbin directory in /usr/local.

Any suggestions?


  1. I solved this problem by first creating a new dir sbin in the local dir:

    sudo mkdir sbin

    then if you are like me using macOS highSierra 10+ you need to run:

    sudo chown -R $(whoami) $(brew --prefix)

    after this

    brew link php71
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  3. Installing Laravel Valet, I had a similar issue with sbin not being writable. I had to make the directory, then utilized the solution included at this page. This finally allowed me the proper permissions to run a brew link command with a previously installed version of php 7.1.