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SVN Error : “svnadmin: E205000: Too many arguments”

I am trying to backup my repository using shell command:

svnadmin dump $SVN_USERNAME $SVN_PASSWORD $SVN_REMOTE_URL > full.dump ;
svnadmin load $SVN_USERNAME $SVN_PASSWORD $SVN_SOURCE_URL < full.dump ;

I am getting the following error:

svnadmin: E205000: Too many arguments


  1. You are giving too many arguments as the error tells. Generally speaking, all the arguments you specify are wrong.

    You don't need to specify password or username for svnadmin dump or svnadmin load tools. These admin tools access Subversion repositories directly on the file system. There is no authentication in such case; there is no server to authenticate. The only permissions are file system permissions.

    Take your time and read the documentation before performing admin tasks: