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TypeError: expected 1D vector for x

I am getting the error:

TypeError: expected 1D vector for x

with regards to this line:

coefficients = np.polyfit(x1, y1, 1)

coefficients = np.polyfit(x1, y1, 1)
polynomial = np.poly1d(coefficients)
ys = polynomial(x1)

x1 & y1 are;

x = frame_query("select * from table",db)
y = frame_query("select * from table",db)

x1 = np.array(x)
y1 = np.array(y)

Consisting of 736 rows of data. I want to regress one row onto the other. Could someone help please?



  1. You'll want to turn the data frame into a 1D array. First let me create a data frame

    import pandas
    d = pandas.DataFrame([[1,2],[3,4],[5,6]],columns=['x1','y1'])

    I think the following does what you want:

    import numpy
    x1 = numpy.array(d['x1'])
    y1 = numpy.array(d['y1'])

    I think the problem you are having is that the arrays you're creating have an additional dimension. For example, the arrays a and b below "look" just like x1 and y1,

    a = numpy.array([[1,3,5]])
    b = numpy.array([[2,4,6]])

    but because of the double bracket ([[...]]) they are actually two-dimensional. I can reduce the dimension by selecting just the 0th column:

    x1 = a[0,:]
    y1 = b[0,:]

    Then the polyfit will work. EDIT: if you look at the shape of the arrays (e.g. x1.shape) you should be able to tell if you have "extra dimensions."

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  3. Try to make x1 and y1 np.array:

    x1 = np.array([45,34,12])
    y1 = np.array([19,46,22])