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How can I move all files to the parent folder using windows cmd command

For Example:

I have

  • C:\Folder\Subfolder1\SubfolderA\file1.pdf
  • C:\Folder\Subfolder1\SubfolderB\file2.pdf
  • C:\Folder\Subfolder1\Subfolderc\file3.pdf

And I just want to have this path:

  • C:\Folder\Subfolder1\SubfolderA
  • C:\Folder\Subfolder1\SubfolderB
  • C:\Folder\Subfolder1\Subfolderc
  • C:\Folder\Subfolder1\file1.pdf
  • C:\Folder\Subfolder1\file2.pdf
  • C:\Folder\Subfolder1\file3.pdf

I am using Windows 7, and tried different commands in CMD, like:

Move C:\Folder\Subfolder1\SubfolderA\*.* C:\Folder\Subfolder1\SubfolderA

I spent almost a day exploring different solutions to do this since I am working around thousands of files; and so impractical to do this manually.


  1. I think I understood you correctly, so, below there's the solution.

    Imagine there are two folders:


    and C:\ABC\XYZ

    to transfer all files from C:\ABC\XYZ to C:\ABC do the following:

    1. Navigate to C:\ABC\XYZ

    2. Execute the command: move *.* ..

    and that's it.

    All files from C:\ABC\XYZ will be moved to the parent folder, i.e to C:\ABC\

    Below, there are pictures to demonstrate this solution.

    • Folder ABC contains XYZ folder

    folder ABC contains XYZ folder

    • we navigate to XYZ and there are some files exist

    we navigate to XYZ and there are some files exist

    • We execute move *.* .. command to transfer files to the parent (ABC) folder

    we execute "move" command

    • now XYZ is empty

    now XYZ is empty

    And all files from XYZ are in ABC (parent folder) now

    and all files from XYZ are in ABC now

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  3. Try this command

    for /d %A in ("D:\Shawu\Access\Main\*") do @(pushd "%A"&(for /r /d %B in (*) do @move /y "%B\*" "%A" 2>nul)&popd)

    Be careful of files with duplicate names. It will overwrite. I would recommend you to try first with some test file to see whether you get the desired results.