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Apache2 Proxy server

Lately I encountered some issues with apache2's proxy server. I set ProxyRequests to On yesterday evening not knowing what it did. When I tried accessing my webhost this evening it was very slow and unstable. I checked the access log and saw alot of IP addresses were trying to connect to my server.

After some searching I found out ProxyRequests On was causing the issue and I disabled it. Now my local proxies are working just fine and everything works as it should.

There are just 2 question I'd like an answer to: What does ProxyRequests On do exacly and how did all these ip addresses know there was a proxy server running on my server?

~ Archcry


  1. ProxyRequests On enables your server as a proxy server. Do not enable proxying with ProxyRequests until you have secured your server. If you only use reverse proxy, keep ProxyRequests off.

    There are lot of scan tools can detect a proxy server and may use your server to proxy there requests, maybe do bad things.