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getDateTime doesn't exist - what to use instead?

I have this problem that I have used DateTime from Joda and when I try to getDateTime it of course won't work because ResultSet doesn't have the method. What should I use instead?

I asked a similar question yesterday where I tried to setDateTime and that worked fine but this time I am not sure what to do. I could use getTimeStamp but then I have to change my data according to and that's not appropriate I think. Is there a good workaround here? I much appreciate your help.

while ( {
    Contingent c = new Contingent(rs.getInt("contingent_id"),



  1. Use getTimestamp(), then convert it to a DateTime.

    DateTime readTheJavadoc = new DateTime(rs.getTimestamp(1));
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  3. Following statement should be working:

    DateTime dt = new DateTime( rs.getTimeStamp( your_column_index ).getTime() );

    and alternatively

    DateTime dt = new DateTime( rs.getDate( your_column_index ).getTime() );

    Refer to:
    DateTime( long instant )

    In reference to Kayaman's comment, there exist other Constructors in the JodaTime's DateTime API, that take an input representing a Date or timestamp.

    Please also Refer to:
    Joda Time: org.joda.time.DateTime Constructors Summary