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Google+ login error "An internal error occured"

I have integrated google+ login to android app and it has been working fine. But from today whenever I try to login it returns an error "An internal error occured."

Only logs I see is : who=null, result=null, requestCode=9000.

I am using Google Maps without any problem so this is not due to wrong key on Google console.


  1. Don't know why Google Maps was working and Google+ sign in not. But recreating an android app key in Google APIs Console worked. Remember, when you create a new app key in console you have to replace it with older one in your code wherever you use.

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  3. You need to always have the latest API key which was generated by using the SHA1 certificate of your current certificate that you are using to sign the application. This problem may have occurred if you reinstalled the sdk or the OS or created a new signing key.

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  5. If you have already set your SHA1 fingerprint (debug or release) in your google developer console and you still having this problem, check if you effectively build with your key, here is the way to set the key in Android Studio: