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Google plus client "An internal error occured"

Last day I started to receive "An internal error occured" while trying to sign user with Google Plus in my application, that I used well and have not changed. The code has not changed for a long time.

GmsClient returns

connect: bindService returned true for Intent { }
service broker connected, binder: android.os.BinderProxy@40fdbd20

And right after that shows toast message "An internal error occured".

I tried to compile Google SDK+ samples and run on the same device but it shows the same error. Maybe something changed in Google APIs?


  1. This is too dumb but I have not found any information googling internet and groups. But it solved replacing:

    //static final String[] SCOPES = new String[] { Scopes.PLUS_PROFILE, PLUS_WRITE_MOMENT };
    static final String[] SCOPES = new String[] { Scopes.PLUS_PROFILE };

    Seems the error occured because of PLUS_WRITE_MOMENT... I don't understand why, but without this it works.

    I like google...

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  3. My "internal error occur" solution:

    Follow the demo of

    it create the PlusClient by

    mPlusClient = new PlusClient.Builder(this, this, this)
                    .setVisibleActivities("XXXX/AddActivity", "XXXX/BuyActivity")
                    .setScopes("PLUS_LOGIN")  // Space separated list of scopes

    And in my own app, when I remove ".setScopes("PLUS_LOGIN")" and show as:

    mPlusClient = new PlusClient.Builder(this, this, this)
            .setVisibleActivities("XXXX/AddActivity", "XXXX/BuyActivity")

    The error solved, wired!

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  5. I also had this problem, which suddenly appeared out of nowhere seemingly. Unfortunately, Oleg's answer didn't help me.

    The fix for me was to setup OAuth in the Google APIs Console ( It was very easy to setup. Quickstart instructions here:

    When I first created the project the Simple API Access worked. But, within a month of not changing any code, it wasn't enough.

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  7. My experience / solution:

    I tried everything listed above (checking client id, consent screen, changing scopes, etc.). Nothing solved the issue for me permanently.

    When I viewed the detailed adb logs using this:

    adb shell setprop log.tag.GooglePlusPlatform VERBOSE

    I got the following log:

    I/GLSUser (  854): GLS error: BAD_REQUEST oauth2:profile

    Finally, what did solve the issue was moving from PlusClient (which is deprecated) to using GoogleApiClient.

    Migration is pretty simple (explained nicely here:

    After moving to GoogleApiClient, I never got this error again.