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Spring security Oauth2 token error: "Missing grant type"

I've secured an endpoint with OAuth2 and JWT but when attempting to authenticate, I'm keep getting the error: "Missing grant type". I've tryed to add the Content-Type header as suggested in other topics but it was useless. Here is my curl command: curl -vu aClient:aSecret -X POST --hea . . .阅读更多

FormData is not a constructor

I'm trying to make a ajax request to upload a image. My problem is when I create the FormData. My console is saying "dataForm is not a constructor". How can I solve this ? here is my script $("#new-broadcast-image-static").on("change", function(formData) { var formData . . .阅读更多

Python: object of type 'Response' has no len()

Issue: when I try to execute the script, I receive the error message "TypeError: object of type 'Response' has no len(). I tried passing the actual html as a parameter, but it still doesn't work. import requests url = '' response = requests.get( . . .阅读更多

Paypal Rest API Intenal Server Error 500

I am using Paypal REST API for Java. I am trying to create recurring payment but it gives me internal server error 500. Response: Response Code : 500 Response Body : { "name" :"INTERNAL_SERVICE_ERROR", "message":"An internal service error has occurred", "information_link" . . .阅读更多

ERROR in multi (webpack)-dev-server/client

I'm new to webpack / reactjs, just follow the tutorial here: Then after I 'npm start', I got error: ERROR in multi (webpack)-dev-server/client?http://localhost:8080 webpack/hot/dev-server ./main.js Module not found: E . . .阅读更多

Component is part of the declaration of 2 modules

I try to build an ionic 2 app. When I try the app in the browser with ionic serve or launch it on an emulator everything works fine. But when I try to build it every time the error ionic-app-script tast: "build" Error Type AddEvent in "PATH"/add.event.ts is part of the declarations of . . .阅读更多

Unable to open HAXM device: ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND

I have already insatlled HAXM but still I am not able to start avd, I got error evry time. I tried all the answers in stack overflow nothing worked Emulator: emulator: ERROR: x86 emulation currently requires hardware acceleration! 15:00 Emulator: CPU acceleration status: Unable to o . . .阅读更多