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Folium - module 'folium' has no attribute 'Map'

I'm just trying to run the standard: import folium map_osm = folium.Map(location=[45.5236, -122.6750]) map_osm.create_map(path='osm.html') I get: AttributeError: module 'folium' has no attribute 'Map' I'm using Anaconda 3 / spyder. Checked and have folium, vincent, jinja2, pand . . .阅读更多


Im making a little game that runs in real time. After you enter your name time starts it counts in seconds then minutes then hours. So i have it set up so that when they lets say you click on a button and it takes them to another form. In that form there are some buttons and depending . . .阅读更多

Highcharts Export Server on AWS Lambda

Has anybody successfully created a highcharts export server running on AWS Lambda? If so do they have a sample deployment package they might be willing to share. The general goal is to be able to pass in an image type and chart options as the payload to lambda and have it return an ima . . .阅读更多

OpenCV: VideoCapture::get(CV_CAP_PROP_FPS) returns 0 FPS

I am trying to get the fps from my camera so that I can pass it to the VideoWriter for outputting the video. However, I am getting 0 fps by calling VideoCapture::get(CV_CAP_PROP_FPS) from my camera. If I hardcode it, my video may be too slow or too fast. #include "opencv2/opencv.hpp" # . . .阅读更多

错误INFO filebeat中最后30s消息中没有非零指标

I 'm newbie in ELK and and I'm getting issues while running logstash. I ran logstash as define in structure step by step as I do for file beat but But when run filebeat and logstash, Its show logstash successfully runs at port 9600. In filebeat it gives like this INFO No non-zero metri . . .阅读更多

Crontab No module named Pandas

For some reason, Cron won't process this and keeps telling me that pandas is not installed (it is whenever I normally run my code) I'm getting this mail: Subject: Cron <user@Justins-MBP-4> PYTHONPATH=/Users/user/Library/Python/3.6/lib/python/site-packages python ~/downloads/random/m . . .阅读更多

Unrelated tables and time intervals

I am going to comment on the scenario that I currently have when designing my database. I have the following tables: user (id, name, lastname) role (id, name) user_role (user_id, role_id, from_date, to_date) period (id, name, from_date, to_date) The period table serves as a data ma . . .阅读更多

The requested application with ID xxxxxx was not found

I 'm trying to post/get score from google play leaderboards I met all the meta-tag from the documentation including my client id <meta name="google-signin-client_id" content="" /> I also have setup the google sign-in system and all is fine, . . .阅读更多

date.toLocaleDateString is not a function

Have simple function which returns an error: ERROR: date.toLocaleDateString is not a function TypeError: date.toLocaleDateString is not a function at FormatTime (../Src/rootdialog.js:87:58) Function definition: function FormatTime(time, prefix = "") { var date = Date.parse(tim . . .阅读更多

windows 10 bash tcpdump: socket: Invalid argument

I am using windows 10 bash to use tcpdump From tutorial i found that to listen to a interface command is: tcpdump -i eth0 //eth0 is ethernet interface tcpdump -i any // to listen to any interface In both cases I am getting tcpdump: socket: Invalid argument error. NOTE: tcpdump -D doe . . .阅读更多