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Reading PCAP file with scapy

I have about 10GB pcap data with IPv6 traffic to analyze infos stored in IPv6 header and other extension header. To do this I decided to use Scapy framework. I tried rdpcap function , but for such big files it is not recommended. It tries to load all file into memory and get stuck in m . . .阅读更多

MYSQL auto set expiry date

i'm in new project and i need to set an expiry date to every post, so that i could make an mysql event do delete all the posts that reached the expiry date. i tried this: alter table anuncios MODIFY dataexpiracao TIMESTAMP on update TIMESTAMPADD(DAY,30,'NOW()'); that gives me an error . . .阅读更多

TypeError: src is not a numpy array, neither a scalar

gray_image = cv2.cvtColor(contrast, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY) TypeError: src is not a numpy array, neither a scalar I am currently working to solve this, any help would be appreciated. As mentioned in the comments, the PIL image needs to be converted to CV2 accepted format, can anyone prov . . .阅读更多

Raw use of parameterized class

I wrote a helper method for getting values of static fields of specified type via reflection. The code is working fine, but I am getting "raw use of parameterized class" warning on line: final List<Collection> fields = getStaticFieldValues(Container.class, Collection.class); The issue . . .阅读更多

Displaying tool tip in QTableWidget

I have a QTableWidget in my Qt application. I have QTableWidgetItem set in the cells of the table widget. I need to display a tool tip when the user hovers over the cells of the table. I have overridden the mouseMoveEvent() in my class and I am calling the method of tool tip to display . . .阅读更多

Sencha Unable to locate supported Framework

I am new in sencha and this my first App. I tried to create an App in sencha touch through following command sencha -sdk /home/tanmay/amit_mob/adt-bundle-linux-x86-20140702/sdk generate app MyApp /home/tanmay/amit_mob/myapp But I get an error [ERR] Unable to locate supported Framework. . . .阅读更多

Tiff to Base64字符串转换或显示问题

Having issues getting a Tiff image I'm receiving from USPS to render into a base64String and then display successfully using an html image tag. MY guess at this point is either the image is corrupted in some way that dose not allow it to be converted into correct base64. Or, I am missi . . .阅读更多访问被拒绝)

i'm trying to save an image into "C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\appgw\images" but it throws an Exception (access is denied) when it excutes, i tried to use another path and still have same problem out = new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(dst) . . .阅读更多